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About Me

Hi! I’m Sarwat and thanks for visiting! I guess you’re here to find out a little bit about who I am and what I do, right?

Okay, I’m a writer of children’s books, YA novels, comic books and even a few episodes of TV shows. I love fantasy, big mythic action with a lot of passion and a lot of heart (and quite a bit of nail-biting tension and horror). If these appeal to you, then have an explore.

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I can also be found on Instagram as sarwat_chadda.

( January 21)

“This is a lush read with high appeal, full of apocalyptic drama, fight scenes, and stomach-turning descriptions of Neural and his band of demons, balanced with Sik’s dry humor and a cast of quirky, vivid characters.”

―School Library Journal


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Other Books

I’ve been a published author since 2009 and written plenty of books, both Young Adult and Mid-Grade and ranging from gritty urban fantasy to high fantasy (which I wrote under the pen name of Joshua Khan) and contemporary modern day adventures with a mythic twist.
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News And Events

I’ve got a lot of things coming up in January 2021 to go along with the publication of CITY OF THE PLAGUE GOD. Here’s a list of the virtual events I’ll be doing over the next few weeks with the likes of Roshani Chokshi, Carlos Henadez and Rick Riordan!  I know, pretty awesome, right? Do join in and visit here for more info